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Voicing Trees journeys to the insides of trees, using sound as its guide. This sensory film reveals that trees are anything but quiet. Hidden behind their bark voices speak up!

The wind rustles thousands of leaves and big gusts create a roaring sound. A voice-over describes how she discovered that voices and other surprising sounds come from inside trees. “When you put your ear to the skin of a tree, you can hear all its movements; from the tiniest branches at the top, to sounds bashing and banging all the way into the ground. When the wind is fierce, the ground moves underneath your feet and you are dancing together, swaying to the wind.”

We hear the tree drinking, sighing, and knocking to us from within its trunk. A different voice erupts from the tree, a muffled “he, he, ha, hey”, spoken softly but pressingly. This is not a human voice; the tree comes to life.

At dawn, the night retreats into the trees. It will wait hidden in their bark; it will pour out when the sun sinks behind the horizon. A loud dawn chorus and bright light signal a new day.

Voicing Trees (exp. 2021)

Short film and installation, expanded cinema

Voicing trees is a sensory film and installation work that uses sound to guide the viewer to the inside of a tree.

Ever wondered what it's like to be inside a tree? Our sound installation makes your body shrink, but your senses grow. Using hyper sensitive contact microphones we bring you a soundscape that comes from within trees. The acoustic textures paint a precise picture of the finest branches at the top, down to their burried roots. It results in a vivid haptic experience that makes you appreciate how trees survive and what they have to endure in the wind.

Concept and realisation – Lars Koens and Demelza Kooij

Voicing Trees, Lars Koens and Demelza Kooij